About Us

Photo by Byron Jorjorian

Alliance for the Cumberlands is a partnership of public and private organizations unified in their commitment to protect the Cumberland Mountains and Plateau Region of Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, West Virginia, and Virginia.





The Goals

Conserve and restore the lands and waters of the Cumberland Plateau; protect the area's unique natural, cultural, and recreational resources; and foster sustainable forestry and agricultural practices

Educate the public about the need for conservation of the Plateau's wildlands and natural resources

Promote sustainable human communities and wise stewardship of natural resources on the Cumberland Plateau

Our mission is to bring people together to achieve the ecologic and economic sustainability of natural and human communities in the Cumberland region.

We are a regional organization which, though currently most active in the 21 county region of Tennessee displayed below, encourages work that supports our goals and partnerships throughout the Cumberlands of West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama21 county region

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