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Photo by Byron JorjorianWelcome to the official website of the Alliance for the Cumberlands. Please help us to make this website a valuable tool for all of us working to create a better future for the human and natural communities of the Cumberland Plateau Region.


You can contribute in the following ways:

  • Donate: When you donate to the Alliance you ensure our continued efforts to build and strengthen our network of members, strategic partners, and stakeholders who are committed to equitable growth and conservation in the Cumberland Plateau region. 
  • Photo by Byron JorjorianSharing your knowledge: Sign up as a user and participate in our online forum. The Alliance is a network of public and private organizations united to build common ground between growth and conservation. If you have resources, knowledge, or any information that will contribute to building a better understanding on the issues, then please log on and share them with our online community.
  • Tell us about your website or organization: If you would like us to link to your website, or if your organization wishes to become a member of the Alliance then please contact us using the contact form or membership form in the top menu.
  • Advertise your events and announcements: To have your event or news item listed please email us at [email protected] (members can create events and announcements that are automatically displayed on our site wide calendar). As a network of over 70 private and public organizations committed to building bridges between growth and conservation, the Alliance website is intended to be an online community where our membership network can share information, resources, and knowledge that helps them to successfully address the changes to the natural, cultural, and economic resources of the Cumberland Plateau Region.


When your organization, business, or agency is a member of the Alliance, you will be able to create the following content to share within the community:

Photo by Byron JorjorianStory: Post a press release, historical sketch, or other type of article that educates others about your work and the Cumberlands.

Event: All events are automatically stored on the site wide calendar and will appear in the "Upcoming Events" region on the right sidebar.

Idea: Submitting an idea is generally closed to members of a planning committee, yet there might be particular times in which we make idea box public.


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