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Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau Nature Trail

Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau Nature Trail


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Building Common Ground

Fall MeetingWhile the Alliance continues to keep its network informed through the monthly newsletter and three annual meetings, the website serves as a link between our member organizations and the general public; a community that connects questions with the answers, the people, and the resources needed to successfully address changes in the region to their natural, cultural, and economic resources. 


The Role of the Alliance for the Cumberlands is to:
 - Inform and encourage the communities of the Cumberlands to understand and effectively address the challenges they face in protecting and conserving their natural, historic and cultural resources while simultaneously pursuing their economic goals.
 - Serve as a communication bridge among the members of the Alliance and between the members and other community constituents by fostering non-traditional partnerships and networking opportunities.
 - Provide leadership and encourage the use of relevant information and resources to local and state decision makers at effective times, to ensure tangible outcomes for natural resource conservation, historic and cultural resource preservation, and sustainable economic development in the Cumberlands.
 - Be a clearinghouse of information and resources for the members of the Alliance for the Cumberlands about relevant issues facing the Cumberland Plateau region.

Photo by Byron JorjorianThe Alliance for the Cumberlands operates by:

 - Encouraging and facilitating discussion and partnerships between the conservation community, the historic and cultural preservation community and the economic development community that are designed to find common ground.
 - Increasing people’s understanding of the inherent economic value of conserving natural, historic and cultural resources. 
 - Leading projects at a regional scale that are designed to benefit the work of our member groups by consensus approval.
Spearheading regional projects that are broadly endorsed by our membership and that they would be unable to achieve alone.


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